The safety division was the first business unit of Amos Gazit Ltd In a country with almost no safety equipment suppliers.

The company’s first and foremost business relationship was established in 1958 with Draeger AG, Germany, a leader in safety technology and progress. Draeger AG was the first of many leading companies courted by Amos Gazit who was constantly looking for innovative and quality manufacturers to add to his growing repertoire as the leading supplier of safer and improved solutions. Its accomplishments are imbedded within the struggles of a young country , trying to lay foundations for its future.

Amos Gazit Ltd was there to first supply personal breathing protection for the army and the general population during the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur War. In 1992 the company in partnership with Draeger AG and the IMI, established a factory for filters and gas masks to supply the much needed demand after the Gulf war.

Over the years Amos Gazit company became the exclusive representative in Israel for leading companies such as: 3M, DuPont, Miller, Howard Leight, Bilsom, Uvex, DBI Sala, Trelleborg and many more.

Throughout the last five decades Amos Gazit has been representing companies that invest billions every year in research and development. This requires constant adjustment of the company organization to absorb and efficiently use all the knowledge arriving from the manufacturer, and at the same time make it accessible to the Israeli industry and also to be able to convert it to practical solutions.