Amos Gazit Ltd is a leading Israeli company, family owned and dealing in import, marketing, exporting and service for a wide variety of products in the field of safety and medicine for the institutional, business and private sectors.

Amos Gazit Ltd was established in 1958, and during all its years of activity has strived to promote the subjects of health and safety in Israel.

Amos Gazit Ltd, in conjunction with leading manufacturers world-wide, constantly updates and introduces to the Israeli market the latest improvements and technologies, while maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity.

The company employs more than 130 employees at the Petach Tikva headquarters.

The company is comprised of 3 divisions: Safety Division, Medical Division and Technical Support Division, all working together to promote the values defined at the founding of the company: Protecting the health and safety of each individual in Israel.

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Medical Division

.The medical division of Amos Gazit was founded in 1960 as an outcome of Draeger AG sales manager’s first visit to Israel

Amos Gazit established a medical division that became a leader in medical innovation in Israel. The medical division works under the same corporate vision as the safety, by leading through innovation tailored to the specific needs of each and every client. Amos Gazit Company is not only selling medical equipment but is responsible for many medical breakthroughs in Israel. Our task is to improve patient care and patient safety and to bring to Israel the latest solutions and innovations in the medical field. Our achievements include bringing the first heart-lung machine, decompression chamber, infant ventilation, ceiling pendants, treatment of bone fracture with plates and screws, and many other innovations in the fields of perinatal care, anesthesia, neurosurgery and orthopedic trauma – from warming therapy solutions to neuronavigation and radiosurgery. The Medical Division employs over 30 product managers, field sales reps and managers who are the best professionals in the medical field in Israel.

Amos Gazit Ltd, specializes in the Surgical, Minimal-Invasive procedures, ICU area and deliver a high standard products and solutions in those segments

Anesthesia and ICU specializing in Anesthesia machines, incubators for premature babies, ventilators, syringe and infusion pumps, patient monitoring, difficult airway solutions, warming solutions and a wide range of consumables. Orthopedics specializing in Orthopedic Trauma solutions (for hand, arm, hip, foot, etc.), Cranio- Maxillofacial, Spine, Joint Replacement and Power Tools. Minimal invasive procedures we serve a broad range of medical specialties with innovative products and solutions in the following areas: Interventional Radiology, Gastroenterology, Endo-Urology, Women’s Health, etc. Neurosurgery and Neuroscience specializing in Navigation, Robotics, Surgical Sponges, Ultrasonic Aspirator, Head-rest-system, hardware and software for Neuroscience research

Safety Division

The safety division was the first business unit of Amos Gazit Ltd In a country with almost no safety equipment suppliers. The company’s first and foremost business relationship was established in 1958 with Draeger AG, Germany, a leader in safety technology and progress. Draeger AG was the first of many leading companies courted by Amos Gazit who was constantly looking for innovative and quality manufacturers to add to his growing repertoire as the leading supplier of safer and improved solutions. Its accomplishments are imbedded within the struggles of a young country , trying to lay foundations for its future

Amos Gazit Ltd was there to first supply personal breathing protection for the army and the general population during the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur War

In 1992, the company in partnership with Draeger AG and the IMI, established a factory for filters and gas masks to supply the much needed demand after the Gulf war. Over the years, Amos Gazit company became the exclusive representative in Israel for leading companies such as: 3M, DuPont, Miller, Howard Leight, Bilsom, Uvex, DBI Sala, Trelleborg and many more. Throughout the last five decades Amos Gazit has been representing companies that invest billions every year in research and development. This requires constant adjustment of the company organization to absorb and efficiently use all the knowledge arriving from the manufacturer, and at the same time make it accessible to the Israeli industry and also to be able to convert it to practical solutions.

Technical Support Division

The Technical support division was established in early 2008. Until then, each division had its own costomer service section to provide information and logistics solutions for costomers. Due to continuing growth, complex activity and changing demands of the market, unification of all costomer service departments into one division became necessary. Today, the technical support division continue to provide information and logistics solutions to both internal and external costomers, while at the same time integrating continuous improvement of quantity and quality solutions in reduced time. These days service is no less the face of the organization than the salesperson and in this field Amos Gazit Company aspires to lead in diversity, conviction and academic development.

Our Partners

Ethical Code

CEO’s Introduction

Amos Gazit was established in 1958 by Amos Gazit, an entrepreneur and visionary.

Today, the second generation owns and manages it, and the company employs over 130 people.

We decided that it is high time to write down the ethical code underlying the company’s operations, in which light we were raised.

Honesty, fairness, and ethics have always guided our path and were passed from person to person as an oral tradition. We wrote them down so that they will be clear, open, unequivocal, and a living text setting our aspirations.

The following ethical code is intended to serve our employees in making decisions and help them choose the right way to act in situations where an ethical problem arises and where there is no clear guidance by the Law. The ethical code shall assist us in making decisions based on the company’s values.

We expect from our employees, business partners, and suppliers to know the ethical code and act accordingly.


Oded Gazit | Einat Gazit

Joint Managing Director

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